60's Sewing Challenge - Sew and Tell of The Queen's Gambit

60's Sewing Challenge - Sew and Tell of The Queen's Gambit

**11/27/20 UPDATES: Vintage reproduction patterns can be used and yes, this challenge is world wide, anyone can join!!! **


Welcome to the first post in our December sewing challenge.  We are taking the time to announce the challenge early in this post, because this challenge is going to take a little bit more time and a few more steps.  This challenge will officially launch on Monday, December 1, 2020.

Also, this month we are excited to start a new theme to our challenge that we like to call the Sew and Tell, and we are SO (SEW) excited to launch and sew with you for this challenge.  And we would love your your feedback for this one!

What do we mean by Sew and Tell?  It's easy, whenever we launch a Sew And Tell, we are going to pick a something that gives us inspiration and ask that you sew something in that category!  Easy? Yes, easy-peasy.

For this sewing Sew and Tell, we are picking The Queen's Gambit (on Netflix). Sigh.  If you are not currently floating in it's inspirational wake, then you might just be in a hole in the ground.  J/K, but it you have not checked it out we 100% think that you should.  And quickly.  We are ranking it, quite possibly, the best show to come out of 2020!!  Again, sigh.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the show, except to say it follows an unbelievably gorgeous and talented chess player (portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy) as she sashays through life and competition in the most amazing 1960's wardrobe.  The hair, the smoldering looks, the dresses, the makeup! ...and the interior decoration! Oh my!

We love it!  We love it so much that we now want to sew 1960's vintage dresses, and out of it all comes our new theme, the Sew and Tell!!  Yay! 

Here are the rules to this months Sew and Tell challenge:

  1. Find and purchase a vintage 1960's dress pattern.  You can get these very easily on Etsy and I will provide a few pattern sellers that I love at the end of this blog for you to check out. Most of these patterns can be purchased for between $4-$15. Make sure that the pattern is your size or very close to your size, as vintage sizing is different than modern sizing.
  2. Pull out your fabric stash and find the perfect fabric to match, or order some wonderful fabric online. Make sure to order just a little more than the pattern says that you will need just in case.
  3. Cut out the pattern, follow the sewing directions and sew up a vintage 1960's dress!  Feel free to DM us on Instagram if you have issues, we are happy to help where we can in this process; @whimsberry
  4. Post a photo of your finished product! Feel free to post a photo of you in the dress, your child, your dog, whatever!  Make it interesting.  If you don't feel like modeling your new dress, you can just post a delightful photo of the finished product.  We really want to see it! 
  5. Make sure to tag @whimsberry to be entered into our drawing for the challenge prize, and feel free to tag #whimsberrychallenge and #sewandtell in any of your progress posts.

We have already done some research and purchased a few vintage patterns or our own, see the photos above of the exact pattern purchases. They are currently shipped and on the way here! We will be sewing right along with you in this one and will be sharing our progress on the Instagram page @whimsberry and also here in another blog post!

So, as promised, here are a few Etsy seller that are offering great selections of 1960's vintage dresses:

If you still are having trouble finding a pattern that fits you or is exactly what your heart envisions, we found the two that we purchased by simply searching 1960's dress sewing pattern!

Go watch the show, research some patterns, and keep an eye on our Instagram page for the official launch! We are really looking forward to this one, and hope you are excited too!


The Pinup Seamstress 





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