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This last year, I found myself in a store in Hawaii holding a rather large handful of Ankara print garments. As I wandered the store shopping for Hawaiian floral prints, I was stopped in all directions by the hints of this beautiful fabric popping out amongst the other slightly more muted textiles hanging throughout the store. Without thinking I ran about exclaiming โ€œoohโ€™sโ€ and โ€œaahโ€™sโ€, so excited and amazed at my luck. As my shopping time went on I began to hear the voice in my head that issued hints of doubt. Was it culturally ok for me to wear...

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I am currently sitting (sigh) in front of my TV, with a delicious beer from the Rogue Tiki collection waiting to be open by my side, and I AM TIRED.ย  I am a nine to fiver, I have a day job.ย  Think Dolly Parton with smaller boobs and a lot less unwanted advances from my male co-workers!ย  Think coffee, loads of coffee and perpetually running late while trying to be on time.ย  Think lunch, from the same place, every single day.ย  Ha!ย  It's true, I'm just like you!ย  Unless you are super cool and don't have to work, and in that case my hat is off to you.ย  Please, tell me all of your secrets.

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