The Queen's Gambit Sew and Tell Part 2

The Queen's Gambit Sew and Tell Part 2

Hello all of you wonderful seamstresses and seamsters!  We are getting eager to get our sewing underway for the current sewing challenge!  If you have not read up on it already, it is a 60's inspired sew and tell inspired by the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit!  You can read all about the details in my previous post; 60's Sewing Challeng - Sew and Tell of The Queen's Gambit.

In this follow-up post, we are going to touch base, go over the giveaway details (yay!), and link a few more amazing pattern sellers, this time focusing on vintage reproduction patterns!

So, to start, I would like to say thank you for your interest in this challenge and for choosing to participate!  This show is one of the very favorite shows for retro inspiration of the year!  We cannot wait to see what you are sewing up for the challenge.  Hopefully you love this as much as we do.

We have purchased two different sewing patterns to choose from (see above photos).  One has arrived and we are eagerly waiting for the second.  We will let you choose which pattern we sew, so keep watching our stories to vote on that!

For the giveaway, we have partnered up with the talented Vintage Sewing Pattern Company to bring the winner of this challenge a combined gift.  The details of the giveaway are as follows:

  1. Find, sew and photograph your lovely Queen's Gambit inspired garment.  Further details for the actual challenge can be found here if you need them.
  2. Post a photo of your finished garment on your Instagram account and tag @whimsberry in the post so that we can be notified of your entry.
  3. Make sure that you follow @whimsberry and @vintagesewingpatterncompany
  4. The contest will run through the month of December, and will end on Thursday, December 31st @ 10:00pm.  Yep, New Year's Eve! How fun!
  5. We will draw a winner and post the results on Friday, January 1st @ 10:00am.

One lucky winner will be the recipient of a free pattern download from Vintage Sewing Pattern Company, and $25 Whimsberry gift card!

We love the idea of posting about your projects as they are being worked on, so please keep tagging us in your behind the scenes photos and we will keep sharing them!  Feel free to use #whimsberrychallenge and #sewandtell as hashtags for your sewing projects.

Now, if you have not bought your sewing pattern yet, or have been unable to find the perfect match in your current collection, we would like to highlight some vintage reproduction pattern companies.  

  1. Vintage Sewing Pattern Company - Of course!  They have a lovely and large selection of patterns ranging from the 1930's up!  Go give them a look and you might get lost in what they have to offer.  And it will give you some inspiration to sew, as they are also adding a free pattern to the giveaway!! Yay!
  2. My Vintage Wish - A lovely etsy site filled with downloadable reproduction patterns.  They have reproduction patterns ranging from the 1920's through the 1970's, and also some fun knit patterns for all of you knitters out there!
  3. Wearing History - We love this company, and while their reproduction patterns may only go up to the 1950's, you may still find a sillouhette that you would love to sew.  They span 1800's through 1950's and we are in love with their 1940's Sarong Separates pattern!

And for some lovely 60's fabric if you are having a hard time finding the perfect match, please visit Clothspot.  But beware, you might find yourself drooling.  You can search their large selection of fabrics by era, and we love that! Especially for a challenge like this one.

Also, to answer a few questions that I have received lately, here are our answers.

  1. Is this challenge open worldwide?  Yes! Of course!
  2. Can I use a sewing pattern that has a 60's vibe, but is modern?  Yes! Please run with your inspiration!  Any pattern that is inspiring to you from The Queen's Gambit is perfectly acceptable.  All we want is to get you sewing and see the cool result! 
  3. Can I use a vintage reproduction pattern? Yes! See above question and refer to our list of vintage reproduction pattern companies above.  Sewing with vintage patterns can be hard as the sizing is different, so finding a modern reproduction pattern can be a great help with sizing. Go for it!

If you have any questions about the challenge, or sewing in general, please DM us through Instagram here, or you can email us at

I hope this part 2 of our challenge blog post has filled in some information for you and helped to inspire you again.  We look forward to getting our pattern and sewing along with you!

As always, happy sewing! 


Whimsberry & The Pinup Seamstress

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