Welcome to The Pinup Seamstress Blog by Whimsberry!

Welcome to The Pinup Seamstress Blog by Whimsberry!

Hi, howdy, hello!  Welcome the my first blog post!

I am currently sitting (sigh) in front of my TV, with a delicious beer from the Rogue Tiki collection waiting to be open by my side, and I AM TIRED.  I am a nine to fiver, yes, I have a day job.  Think Dolly Parton with smaller boobs and a lot less advances from my co-workers!  Think coffee, loads of coffee and perpetually running late while trying to be on time.  Think lunch, from the same place, every single day.  Ha!  It's true, I'm just like you!  Unless you are super cool and don't have to work, and in that case my hat is off to you.  Please, tell me all of your secrets.

Ok, ok, enough blah blah blah about work.  Let's talk about stuff that's fun!  My name is Sarah and I am the pinup seamstress.  I also go by Miss. Whimsberry if you follow me on social media.  I sew, I create, I make cool stuff!  So much so that I am overflowing with it all and would like to share it on to you.

Years ago I had a blog and I wrote a lot of fun articles on craft projects and vintage finds.  While my love for both of those things has not changed, I have become the owner of a company that specializes in whimsical pinup clothing for like minded lovers of vintage and Disney.

Please excuse my while I go drop a pizza in the oven and open my delicious beer..

Sorry, some things just cannot be stopped.  I am back and hungry and watching the second episode of a show called "Intruders", that was referred to me by an Instagram friend!  Ah, the Instagram community, how I love you so!

Today marks a big day.  Last night I stayed up late and copied all of the pattern pieces to my Mai Tai Halter top.  I then got caught up in the whole ordeal and I also copied the Mai Tai Halter dress, because why not, and a gathered skirt pattern all in size medium.  The reason for this late night venture is that I have found someone pretty close to me (it's Colorado, they are only three hours drive!) to grade out my patterns.  Grading you say, now what is that.  Well, new blog friends, grading is what you do when you make a one size pattern into multiple sizes.  I am my own best medium, and I am not the most confident pattern grader in the other size ranges.  Now, give me a LOT of days off, and the money to buy all my beer and pizza, and I could become the grading expert.  Now, refer to the first paragraph and remember that sometimes time is not our friend.  

Back to my big day.  After getting all of those pattern pieces copied, I have sent them on their merry way to Colorado Springs to be digitized into a magical pattern computer that will print out XS-3XL!  All of this with the help of my new pattern grading friend!  I could not be any happier right now.  This means that while I work away at my boring day job, I can pay someone else to be helping my designs become a reality!  Yay me!  Yay pattern drafter in Colorado Springs!

Outside of my big day, I want to let you know that I intend to share with you all of the fun things that I think you might be interested in learning.  My plan for this blog is to share sewing and pattern drafting instructions, easy to do at home projects,  and links to downloadable patterns, all while entertaining you with witty stories about my entrepreneurial journey.

So, if you do not like my style of writing, do not like dogs and all fuzzy animals.  If you are not a fan of Disney, or vintage or hearing about delicious drinks, then please feel free to pass on my next blog entry.  But, if I have l managed to make you smile, laugh, or have an "ah ha" moment.  Or if you are a crafter, a sewer, a fellow pattern drafter please stay with me!  Send me a comment, follow my content!  I would love to have you along for the ride.  It might not be the most organized journey you have ever taken, but it is bound to be a hoot!

Tiki cheers, 

The Pinup Seamstress

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