Yep, we believe that Women's Vintage Hawaiian deserves it's own page, and you will too.  We find so much inspiration from the islands that when we are not designing it, we are on a constant search to hunt up the oldest and most unique Hawaiian items that we can find.  A lot of our designs are island designer inspired and you will see why below.  These are beautiful, one of a kind pieces that make you need to stick your feet in the sand and add an umbrella to your drink.  Did we mention that we tiki?!

Here you will find our favorite Women's Hawaiian shirts, dresses, wraps and skirts from the 1940's-1990's.  Basically anything that we can find! If we love it, we want to resell it. So grab your favorite tiki mug, mix up a pain killer and adventure through our selection of amazing Women's Vintage Hawaiian.

The items on this page are one of a kind, hunted vintage. They have been loved by others, and it would be a shame not to see them continue getting their time in the sun.  Most pieces are only offered in one size, but as you may know about vintage clothing the sizes change throughout the years.  You may fit into more than one size and not all years and companies are the same, so read through the listing carefully for measurements.

 All of that being said, Mahalo! And happy shopping!

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